Welcome to Dive Martinique-Natiyabel !

Natiyabel means « nature is beautiful » in Creole. It is also a dive center that set up in 2004  at the fishing port of Sainte Anne Martinique, near the traditional market on a concept that has made its success and has never changed : an intimate dive center, warm and ready to share a passion, the love of nature.

Today, our clients encourage us in our conception of naturalistic and safe pleasure diving, on TripAdvisor, for example.

The second dive center is located at 3* Resort in Sainte-Luce for a nice combination of confort and pleasure during your holiday in Martinique.


It is well-situated between the most beautiful dives in the south caribbean sea from the coral reef of Sainte Luce to the volcanic cave and arches of the famous Diamond Rock.


Come and dive with us, and have a wonderful vacation in Martinique!


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Enjoy with NATIYABEL