Natiyabel organizes snorkeling outings in the marine reserve just a few minutes by boat from the Diving Center.

Once on board, the captain will give the safety briefing to the snorkelers and the safety derogations must be completed by each snorkeler. The equipment (fins snorkel mask and suit) will be distributed and adapted to each person.

The guides give a briefing on the site before the real fun begins. Everyone enters the water and the snorkel guides will take you on a submarine trail, starting with a sandy bed and swimming to the reef. They will highlight the rare things to see and will provide the name of fish species and coral life. The reef falls about 50 feet to the south, giving a beautiful deep effect to marine life. During your exit, you will have the opportunity to see … (quote the species)


It is also possible for snorkelers to join their dive mates on the dive boat. Indeed, most sites frequented by dive boats are suitable for snorkeling.

Self-guided snorkeling tours are $ 33.00 per person per trip, including taxes.

Enjoy with NATIYABEL